Thursday, August 8, 2013

Five Pointers to Help Promote Your Book

 Hopefully some of you are at the point now where you are able to publish your book on kindle or try with publishing houses. Here are five things to keep in mind that top selling authors, Lindsey, and myself have found can make a huge difference on helping your book become a huge success.

1) - Be nice. I know this may sound trite but world famous author Neil Gaiman recaps, ‘when he shared a signing with a big ticked crime-mystery novelist who threw a scene about people not getting enough from his work or praising him enough.’ This author’s sales dropped off for a time due to the negative media and publicity.

2) - Word of mouth is priceless. People usually do not just walk into a bookshop and discover an author they love. There are those times, but word of mouth and kindle reviews are your biggest help. Usually people buy the book because someone they know told them about it.

3) - Keep in mind that people copy what is popular because it is selling but the fad can quickly fade. Therefore, what is unique can stand out; this can all be based on demographic and genre. Still the exceptional stands out because we are inspired or we can relate to it.

 4) - Make yourself heard, just submitting your manuscript to a publisher or e publishing it on kindle will not magically make it a best seller. You have to make yourself heard which can be difficult with all the different ways out there to go about it. Marketing can be done so many ways, but use social media to every advantage. In addition, try locally. You would be amazed how a small community can spread the word of a book.

5) - Do not be afraid to spread out. Don’t be afraid to spread out your options - like a plant with it's seeds blowing around; some germinate and grow while many others don’t. Try many different options. What worked for one author may not work for you. Also, think of the demographics, genre, and psychographics of people who will want to purchase your book in where you spread your options.

Hopefully by now these articles are helping you progress as you go and expand your fan base or are just helping you enjoy writing. Just keep at it and don’t limit yourself.

 -Elsha Fornefeld

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