Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Launching Option

Elsha Fornefeld
I wanted to address a few issues/questions that I have been getting about Lindsey’s Best Seller’s article. Her idea is a great one and a very successful tactic to launch a book and get it noticed right away. However, when it is not free sales can drop off quickly.  It does get your name noticed quickly if that is your goal. I think we all know people who just browse the free section for books on Kindle. There is nothing wrong with this, but for those of you who do not feel this is your style there are other ways to launch a book. 

 For example, my own book that I just launched I did it for $0.99 a day for the first 48 hours and I got up to 200 downloads. Now this is not bad but I can tell you I didn’t get nearly as many download as my friends that have done it free. Still word has gotten out and my book is taking off as I had hoped. It is a slower tactic, but I’m not losing any money. It does require patience and consistent marketing. Statistically 85 percent of people that see an app or book is under $1.99 will download it without thinking twice if it appeals to them. Then there have been other authors who have done it just for the steady low price of around $2.99 that Kindle allows for maintaining their 70% royalties, and can then go on to be rated in the top 100 of their category. It can take time but you can still do extremely well.

                I had a friend die this week and she had always talked about publishing a book and she was only 29. She would talk to me about writing and maybe someday publishing. Her passing makes me want to let all of you know not to put it off. Whether you receive 50 downloads or 50,000. I just encourage you to do the research and get your book published. 

Elsha Fornefeld

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  1. Just watched the movie Finding Forrester and inspirational movies like this make me want to channel my excitement from the and use this to channel it into my writing and keep going. So find chances like this and if you can us the inspirational things you come across when you've got it write like crazy while you have it.

    -Elsha Fornefeld