Monday, July 29, 2013

Just Write It’s in You

“You write your first draft with your heart, and you write your second draft with your head.”

                                                                                                                        -Finding Forrester (The Movie)
Funny that I should find inspiration from a movie to write a book, although those words were originally written by someone to inspire the movie. We are starting to cover more depth in these posts that we feature on the blog. This is still the number one question I get, how do you write a novel?
The answer is so simple, you sit down with a computer or get a pen and paper and put write words down. ‘But I don’t know what to write about,’ is the usual response. Get one idea in your head and just begin tapping at keys or scribbling on the page, the keys and words seem to take on a life of their own once you begin writing.

There are days I have written chapters for my books that I never thought about, and some characters I introduced that ended up being the best twist in the plot that I hadn’t even thought about. Don’t think, don’t stop to correct the grammar, don’t watch the TV while you do it, and then talk to your cat, just write.
 My inspiration seems to come from different times in my life that I merge together and then I play the what if game. For example, what if my high school boyfriend met my college boyfriend while I was still in college? Alternatively, what if I run into an old friend from school that used to be nerdy but is now successful. On the other hand, what would happen if a mountain man settler suddenly was transported through time into our world and wound up in a car what would his reaction be? 
 Or if you ever need inspiration for story ask a child; they are never ever short on ideas. Sorry, this is a short post, but the point is a lot of you aren’t becoming authors because you aren’t writing. Try your luck at any genre. Even if you wish to keep a journal, you may be surprised after all how interesting your life really is on paper. Keep writing.

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