Friday, July 12, 2013

The Journey of Writing - Guest Blogger Anne Bruns

Anne Bruns

Writing is a journey with no set course. As a writer, you feel everything your story wants to tell and anything you want the reader to feel. It’s hard work but the satisfaction of a finished page is what brings us back to our laptops and notepads each day. Two of my favorite lessons learned while studying in college was to write what you know and that the more you read, the better you will write. 

 When we write what we know we bring depth to the story. A writer doesn’t always have the time or means to research a topic before writing and those that haven’t will produce work that doesn’t stand.  Stick to what you know. Bring the experiences of your life, those around you and the vivid dreams while you were sleeping to the paper each day. Your work will grow and be filled with something real and solid. Create people in your books, not characters. Anyone can create a character. A great writer will bring them to life so well that their readers will want them as friends, lovers and confidants.

Reading creates better writers. The more you read the better you will write. Expand your genres and read something you would never dare. The words you read will forever be placed in your mind and your imagination and vocabulary will grow. You will discover within yourself exactly who your voice is as you read the various styles of writing. Read, read, read then write, write, write. 

Printing the last page of your manuscript is really just the beginning. We all hold our stories close and feel that they are truly a work of art, but even the greatest piece of art goes thru a stage of defining. An editor can be your greatest tool while completing your work. They look at every detail of character development, storyline and polish the focus that the writer has intended the reader to have.  An editor will help turn your good story into a great book. 

Take your idea, the one burning images in your mind and begging to be told, and write it down. You have a story to be written and a voice to be heard. Writing is a journey worth sharing.

Anne Bruns is a writer and freelance editor. She has worked for several publishers as a copy writer and editor, acquisitions editor and evaluated manuscripts. Besides guiding authors to create their best work, she is currently working on her own novel. She resides in Utah with her husband and three children.

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