Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Featured Author of the Week - Kurt Browning

Kurt S. Browning currently lives in Northern Utah with wife Ann M Browning and their children.

Kurt has been in the construction industry for most of his career and in currently studying chemical engineering at the University of Utah. Some of his hobbies are: (of course) fishing, running, and playing with the kids.

We asked Kurt some questions:

Who or what inspired you to write a children's book? 

I went fishing with my cousin and his son.  During the trip, my cousin caught the biggest fish out of our group.  My cousin’s boy kept proudly reminding me that his dad had caught the biggest fish.  While we were gathering our gear to head home, another fisherman walked by and showed us his catch.  Needless to say it was at least 4 times the size of my cousin’s fish.  This didn’t faze my cousin’s boy; he was still proud of his dad and continued to tell me how his dad’s fish was the biggest of the group.

The next day I sat down and wrote this story.  I drew upon some memories of my childhood and looked at the way my children reacted to the things I did.  The story fits the way I felt about my dad and I’m sure many others can relate.

How long did the process take from coming up with the idea to printing your first copies?

 I actually wrote the story 3 years before I ever did anything with it.  It took a lot of prodding from my wife to finally submit the manuscript.  Once my manuscript was accepted, it took about 16 months until I had a final copy in my hands. I never anticipated that producing a children’s book would be such a long process. 

What has your experience been like since release day?

 Writing a book leads to promoting a book.  Since the release date, I have been promoting my book.  This means doing book signings, networking and contacting people.  Because I am a new author, I have been focusing on letting people know about my book.  Selling a book doesn’t happen just by putting a copy on a shelf somewhere. 

Any advice you can offer new authors who are considering writing children's books?

If I were to give advice to someone considering writing children’s books, I would suggest to focus your writing to an audience you know.  For example, I wrote my book with my children in mind.  I thought to myself, “What would they enjoy reading?”  I love reading my book to my children and it makes it much sweeter when they tell me how much they love it.

Do you have another book in the works? Can you tell us about it?

 I currently don’t have any books in the production process.  I am, however, working on several stories and I hope to have a new book out in the next year or two.

Kurt's Book - My Dad Took Me Fishing Today

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