Thursday, August 22, 2013

Learning as We Go

Elsha Fornefeld

This article is really a Behind the Scenes truth since I am going to share the truth about three items: how I launched my book the first time, the results, and how it turned out.  I am currently relaunching the same book with some changes.

This summer I launched over seven books for new and upcoming authors, all of them doing fairly well and some of them even becoming best sellers in a few different countries on Kindle. The biggest shocker for me was that my own book did not achieve the same success. To be honest, my book has been out less than a month and some books do need time to grow and become popular. This all depends on your demographics, genre. Then there are several bestselling authors whose first book that they put on kindle did not go very well at all, then with another book or through an agent they were able to achieve success.

I did the $0.99 promotion for the first weekend and sold fairly well selling over 100 copies. After that however, it was slow going only about five to ten sales a day. I really have posted quite a bit on facebook and haven't even bother with twitter nor did I use good reads as much as I knew I could.

I can’t tell you how many people would text, call, IM, or come up and tell me how much they loved my book. So, I would tell them thanks and ask that they put a review on kindle. For some reason I never got very many. Soon I realized two very important things. First, my book is extremely difficult to put into a genre while all my other friends were clearly defined, such as historical romance. Second, is that Kindle may not let your family or friends post a review. There were people having problems posting any sort of review and even downloading my book. So, make certain that Kindle doesn’t have any technical problems on your end.  In the end, I have realized that my fan base has been word of mouth. I've had huge response and people love the book. 

Since realizing this, I have updated my blog, had one of our amazing editors do a complete re-edit to the book, then I stuck in a sneak peek to the second book. Next, I printed off business cards and local businesses have been awesome about letting me leave them there. Overall, I have sold 500 + copies in a month, which is not terrible. Still I know I can do much better. Giving my book a really good edit and now having utilizing all of my avenues to relaunch has already helped things pick up a bit.

In conclusion,  it's important to keep on top of your marketing so your book does not die. When you get it on Kindle make sure that all avenues checked (especially those that are technical) so your fans get the best possible service. 

I really hope this helps you in your publishing venture. 

Now, here is the relaunch and fabulous redoing of The Altar: Timeless Generation.  

(I should probably use my own blog as a marketing tool as well) If you like the book I would ask that our great followers leave a review of my book on Kindle. I have made sure that Kindle will let you post. Thank you and good posting!

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