Monday, September 23, 2013

Motivation from a Grump

Lindsey Rietzsch
We were at my husband's company party Friday night having a great time with the family. Shortly before we were ready to leave my husband introduced me to his boss. He told me that the nick name for his boss at the office is "Grumpy" because he seldom smiles and he doesn't know how to relax. He's a brawny manly man who doesn't say much and yes, when talking to him, I could see how that nick name rang a little true - which is why I was completely surprised when he said what he said.

As we headed towards the exit, he turned to me and said, "I absolutely loved your book!" (of course without a smile, just a serious expression). Apparently he had read The Realm and was a big fan. He then told me that he has never read that genre before or had any interest in it but decided to give my book a try. He said he was so glad he did and couldn't believe what it good book it really was. As if he didn't think I was convinced he proceeded to tell me why he liked the book so much and how he can't wait for the second book. Soon I began to see a spark in his eye as he continued talking about it.

Let me just tell you that this wasn't the first time I have heard a great review about my book - but for some reason because it came from someone as serious as this man, it meant more. For him to take the time to tell me as much as he did, I knew he meant it. That was my motivating moment to get book #2 finished as soon as possible.

I think we all motivating moments like this in our life. Moments when we get real and genuine feedback from our fans and we remember why it is we love what we do as writers.

Down the road when those discouraging moments come, I will reflect back on this man's comments as a reminder to why it's important to keep up the hard work.

I challenge you to start a collection of all the positive remarks you receive about your books. Write them down and keep them close by - so when you need your motivation and reminders that you are a great writer, you'll have it close by!

Happy Writing! 

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