Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Invaluable Source of a Newsletter

Elsha Fornefeld
So, I know that a newsletter seems old and outdated. Well guess what - this is where you cull some of your very best fans and keep them coming. This is a great to network and an infallible source to keep in touch with your fans and spread the news about any subject that maybe going on about your books. It keeps the characters alive to them, you and fresh in their minds.
When you type a newsletter, always make sure that you get a mailing list going. This is a very important step and reassures that your readership will not be used for advertising or junk mail. When writing the newsletter it should be written in first person so that the readers know they are hearing from you. This is their chance to connect with you and your characters so let them know you value their support.
This also drives sales and makes a great way to announce anything that you are doing. Always announce more than one thing in your newsletter and be sure to include vivid pictures and colors in your design. Also, always include your book cover. The newsletter is a great way to announce things events.
·            Announce the release of the book and/or the launch of the website
·         Promote a special deal on the book
·         Announce a contest
·         Boast about a great review and/or award you won
·         Offer a teaser about your next book
·         Let people know about an upcoming article/interview you’re doing
·         Promote your podcasts

Promote yourself as well in your newsletters. I like to let my readers get to know me in my newsletters. I recently added a funny little story in my newsletter that was less than 500 words, but over 10 of my readers at a book signing went on and on about it, and how much they could relate to me. This enabled them to relate even more to my characters.

 My Day as a Disney Princess
               I woke up this morning to the happy squawking of my friend, Mr. Rooster. He speaks excitedly to me before the cute little tinkering bell of my alarm clock cheerfully perks me up.  I gently awaken all four of my darling little children. They instantly hop out of bed, put on their cleanest, finest clothes, and their hair falls neatly into place with the help of a magic hairbrush that can rip the tangles out of a thistle.  All the while, my little darlings hold perfectly still.
                As we break our fast, my two youngest take great delight in scattering food on the floor like scented rose pedals that I am certain my cherubs or our talking mice friends will not find a week later and eat.  The two older joys calmly collect their things and never forget to give their mother a kiss on the way out the door, as they sing “hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to school we go.”
                Now it is time to go outside and talk to all my pleasant animal friends. The cat patiently reminds me he needs to be fed.  He moves loving between my legs while I gracefully dance with him and never trip. Then it is off to see my loving bird friends who have left me splatters of joy and contentment at the sight of my chariot that is nestled under a tree.
                I playfully fling some of the most succulent yard clippings to old friend Goat and decide it’s time to sing with my animal friends knowing they will talk to me and join in.  After singing pitch perfect, the “Coca-Cola Jingle,” my loving friend Goat rams the fence and the pleasant village tradesmen next door bellow encouraging words of kindness, the likes of which I have never before heard.
                I go about my day singing gaily, as I energetically clean the entire castle. I put my youngest cherubs down for a nap; the day passing as quickly as planned. I never have to dash for my carriage waking up my little angels from their nap causing them to cry out jubilation at their shortened slumber. I gather them in time to pick up my older darlings from school.
                While in my carriage, I enjoy the happy news of the pleasantries about the world. Everyone gets along in my perfectly clean carriage that is powered by fairy dust.  It squeaks loudly on occasion when the fairies get excited.  All the other wonderful children at the little enchanted school wait happily. They pay perfect attention the carriages bustling about, never risking their lives.
Later that wonderful evening, dinner has been prepared with prefect precision made by glorious magic that my fairy godmother gave me in a box called “Mac and cheese.” It is set loving as the centerpiece on the immaculate table. My Prince Charming arrives to be greeted and lovingly praised by three miniature princesses. Then our amazing heirs leave us all the time in the world for a passionate dance and true love’s kiss.
-Elsha Fornefeld

This little short story also got a huge response of happy comments on my webpage. So do not forget your fans and the wealth of readership that a newsletter can bring you. You shouldn’t make a newsletter more than two pages and it should be sent as an e-mail in html style. So that the reader can see the links to buy your books, deals, or events you may have going.

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