Thursday, September 26, 2013

Working Out In the Field

Elsha Fornefeld
This Saturday September 28, 2012 author signing, Elsha  Fornefeld, "The Altar," 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sept. 28, Hastings, 540 E. 17th St. in Idaho Falls, iD. I’m doing my first personal appearance as an author signing. Since I have gone self-published, I have found that my actual hard copies of my book have actually excelled my e-book sales.

This was very startling and at first I thought it was because of friends and family and people I knew just wanted a copy, but when people started ordering them like crazy from India, and the UK and I was getting reviews on the book from people I didn’t know I took a close look at my marketing,

 I know about my demographics my book falls under a romantic fantasy and paranormal genre. Which usually falls under young adult, and an also readers 25-45 which is rather broad. However, let us admit Twiglight is Young Adult and how many of us have read it? This is where I went into a further analysis of my demographics which is called phsycogrpacis. I may have mentioned this to you before in a previous article. Well physiographic are where your demographics  and fans eat, hang out, if they go to movies, what kind of music they like, and how much they are willing to spend on a book.  Also what type of phone do they have or do they own a kindle or not.

Surprisingly while my genre is fit for a younger generation they also prefer to have a hard copy of this type of book. My husband that travels a lot noticed that while people had their kindles out to read they were commonly regency or 'how to' books that were cheaper. And the people that had hard copies of books were The Hunger Games and Twighlight. I checked and all my friends and extended family and fans had all these books lining their shelves and not on kindle
So sometimes, self-publishing means going to print and I make more money on each copy of a hard book than I do sale digitally. Now this takes a lot of work and business savvy on my part to get my books in stores and signings and making public appearances, but if it’ something that you want go for it.

I have faced my challenges with my new book but I have had my groove and had a huge response and a lot of learning about as I go through with it. So if that is how you want to get your book going go ahead and get out there.

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